sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Coro Azul

Las notas azules de este poema son mías.
Clamo constancia, gracia y pasión.
Desafío el profundo acantilado azul de mis ojos
Y ahí yazgo solo con el sabor de mi propia piel.

Vision 2016

By 2016, I’ll be back in town after been working in Canada for some polymer company in the exportation area. By then I should have done my motorbike trip to South America also. So after working in Canada I’ll be here in Medellin working as an engineer in the polymers area, but also I should have collected enough money to start buying apartments in the city. By 2016 I will be in a serious relationship with marriage plans and she will be gorgeous.

Para el 2016, estaré de vuelta en la ciudad después de haber estado trabajando en Canadá en alguna compañía de polímeros en el área impo-expo. Para tal época, debería haber completado mi viaje en moto por Suramérica. Estando en Medellín nuevamente, habré colectado suficiente dinero para empezar a comprar bienes raíces en la ciudad. También, para el 2016 estaré en una relación seria con planes de matrimonio y ella será la nena más linda del universo.

Mission 2016

By the time I’ll graduate as a Materials Engineer, I’ll be the best of my classmates in the polymers area. As soon as I graduate I will be seeking for a job in Canada as the same time I will be working here in Medellin in ALICO SA. Meanwhile I’ll be proactive at anything that challenges my capabilities as Engineer and I’ll be studying french. Once there in Canada I will do a master in the polymers area at the same time I will be working collecting the money to come to Medellin again.

Para el momento en el que me gradúe como Ingeniero e Materiales, seré el mejor de mi clase en el are de los polímeros. En cuanto me gradúe estaré buscando trabajo en Canadá y al mismo tiempo que estaré trabajando en Medellín en ALICO SA. Mientras tanto buscaré cualquier oportunidad para desarrollar mis habilidades ingenieriles y estará aprendiendo francés. Una vez, en Canadá comenzaré mi Máster mientras trabajo y así colectaré el dinero que necesito.

Engineering ethics, Corporations and Us

As engineers, we are under any rule of any kind to which we have to respond to. We are talking about our commitment as engineers to the society, to the company we work at, to ourselves, to the law and so on.

If we intent on constructing and shaping the world as we practice our profession, it is obvious to face up to any ethic issue. Beginning with the most basic human instinct “not to harm others”.

Our first fundamental cannon is:

“Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and shall strive to comply with the principles of sustainable development in the performance of their professional duties”.

So, once we are aware about all this and once we are practicing our profession, we can wonder what is happening around the world and why for so long.

We are going to talk about some facts so it is not new to say big corporations are evil. They break any law as it exists. We can talk about the technology industry, the energy and petrol corporations, the pharmaceutical multinationals, clothing industry, among so many others.

Today we are going to discuss about this corporations and what is our roll in those fields, we are going to discuss some facts about these corporations and what can we do.
Some discussions:

·         Do you think describing companies as "evil" is right?
·         What do you know about COLTAN, BIOFUELS, and SWEATSHOPS?
·         What would you do if you knew you are working for an unethical corporation?
·         What options do we have then to live in better world?

Un Cronopio pequeñito JULIO CORTAZAR

Un Cronópio pequeñito buscaba la llave de la puerta de calle en la mesa de luz, la mesa de luz en el dormitorio, el dormitorio en la casa, la casa en la calle. Aquí se detenía el Cronópio, pues para salir a la calle precisaba la llave de la puerta.

A little Cronopio was looking for the key into the dressing table, for the dressing table in the bedroom, for the bedroom into the house, for the house in the street. It stopped right there because to go out to the street he needed the key to open the door.

Steve Jobs – Discurso Universidad de Stanford durante la apertura del curso de 2005

"...To have faith in something and just wait for the dots to connect down the road. Because dots won’t connect looking forward, they will only connect looking backwards in the past...
...And having that confidence, that those dots will somehow connect in your future, will give you the freedom to follow your heart, and do what you want now to use it in the future..."